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Professional training for owner-trainers

Many service dog owner-trainers make mistakes and end up without a service dog. Our Service Dog Training Program ensures that your dog is trained to help you when you really need it.

Jump forward your training by months and years, giving you the lifeline to independence you need.

Three days of training at the Dream Dogz Ranch in central Florida, on January 13-15.

Meet some of the service dogs we have trained over the years, and see what they do.

Service Dog Blog

Gypsy SDIT, week 1

Gypsy SDIT, week 1

Rich and I flew from Orlando to Atlanta to pick out Gypsy. She had a lot of firsts that first day with us. away from littermates and mom crated car trip, in Atlanta traffic no less elevators (at the airports) trains/trams (at the airports) flight (in the cabin, of course) And that was just the […]

How to Pick Your Future Service Dog

How to Pick Your Future Service Dog

We already covered WHERE to find your future service dog in a previous post, where we addressed breeders vs rescues, male vs female, and breeds. This post will cover which puppy to pick out. When we picked Gypsy out, we knew we wanted a girl, and there were only 4 girls in the 2 litters […]



A service dog is individually task trained to mitigate their owners disability. But what tasks should your dog be trained for? Well, there are tasks and there are “bonuses.” A task is something that helps you to live your life with your disability. A bonus is exactly that, something that is not needed, but is […]

Service Dog Training Program

You don’t know where to go or what to do.

You are excited about the possibility of service dog training your personal dog, but don’t know where to start. Is your dog able to be your service dog?

With our Service Dog Training Program, you can jump forward your training by months and years, giving you the lifeline to independence you need. We work exclusively with owner trainers, from helping you choose a puppy, to service puppy training, basic and advanced training, public access training, task work, service dog in training, evaluations, and more.

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Some service dogs in training take so long to train because their owners do not know how to train their dog, break down the tasks, and start public access. We show you how to train in the most effective way, so you do not make those mistakes.


Service dogs/Disabilities we work with:

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Anxiety Alert & Response
Medical Alert & Response
Diabetic Alert & Response
Syncope Alert & Response – including POTS, Neurocardiogenic Syncope, Vasovagal Syncope
Seizure Alert & Response
Migraine Alert & Response
Psych Medical Alert & Response
Sensory Processing
Emotional Support (NOT a service dog)

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